LAOA Multifunction line finder RJ45/RJ11 Network Test Instrument Tools Without Battery,Electronic tools
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LAOA Multifunction line finder RJ45/RJ11 Network Test Instrument Tools Without Battery

LAOA Multifunction line finder RJ45/RJ11 Network Test Instrument Tools Without Battery
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LAOA Line-tracking instrument network tester     

Portable   Fast line-tracking   Multifunctional

Cable-tracking     Phone line-tracking     Electricity line-tracking


8 functions

① Cables proofreading   ② Phone line-tracking   ③ cables-tracking   ④ Electricity line-tracking

⑤ DC level and polar testing   ⑥ Line continuity and Impedance testing   

⑦ Battery power shortage hints   ⑧ Two kinds of frequency can be changed about the line-tracking

Transmitted distance≤200M                         Transmit level: 8VP-P

Transmitted frequency: Multi-frequency pulse(two kinds emission frequency can be setted

Low batt led: Automatic low voltage detection, when the battery is bellow working voltage, LED will light on

Sampling rate:2.5s/time                                Power:9V battery

Working temperature:0-40℃,≤80%RH       Storage temperature: from -10℃ to 5℃ ≤95% RH

Weight: about520G


Complete original fittings

A: RJ11 and RJ45 line   B: Clip connecting wire   C: Headset   D: Two 9V batteries

① Detector   ② Power/line-tracking sign   ③ Line-tracking signal volume knob   ④ Line-tracking test

⑤ Power   ⑥ LED light switch   ⑦ RJ45 joggle   ⑧ Low BATT   ⑨ 4 core telephone line-tracking   

⑩ 8 core cable-tracking   ⑪ Proof line Indicator light   ⑫ Line-tracking Indicator light

⑬ Telephone indicator light   ⑭ On-off indicator lamp   ⑮ Power   ⑯ Function select button

⑰ Line-tracking frequency conversion switch

01 With headset
   Operating with headset,to avoid noise interference

02 Led lighting function
   Easy to use in dark environment

03 Line-tracking function
   Telephone, cable and other metal line-tracking, it can be directly use    RJ11,RJ45 joggle
Attention: Forbidden to operate alive circuit
1. Turn on the emitter power switch, Choose line-tracking function with function key(line finding function
light is on). Connecting the tracked line to the joggle(RJ11 or RJ45) Metal line needs to use the clip connectingg wire  turn to RJ11 WIRING, THEN CONNECT RJ11 Joggle.
2. Hold rceiver and turn on line-tracking switch to detect wire, at the moment, the top light of the receiver is red, usethe reviver to detect the other side of the tracked line. When the detector near the lines, we`ll hear the sound. The loudest sound about the line is what we search

04 Line continuity and impedance testing
Just detect by the emitter, turn on the power, choose on-off function, at this moment,on-off light is bright,
then connect the vcom side of the clip to emitter`s RJ11 joggle. Clip the tested line`s both ends by the red
and black clips. if the on-off light is bright. the route is OK. The light is lighter. the line impedance is smaller

05 Line proofreading
   Collating order of cables and detect cables about short circuit, broken circuit,reverse,rout crossing etc. Forbidden to operate alive circuit,but ellernet switch, router and PC terminal power on can operate proofreading.
Turn on the power of the emitler choose.Proofreading function, then individually connect detected line to emitter`s and receiver`s RJ45 JOGGLE.Press 1 TO 8 then to G in the emitter. The receiver proofreading light will be bright in order (1 to 8 to G)

06 DC level and polar testing(just need the emitter)
  1. Turn on the power of the emitter, choose  phone function
  2. Connect the clip to the emitter`s RJ11 joggle, the read and black clips      individually clipped the tested battery`s polar ends
  3. If the state signal(beside G) is bright, means the read clips is      connecting positive pole, if not, it`s negative pole.

High quality

A: Horn. High-performance horn brings clearer sounds

B: Circuit board. Controlled by circuit board, Test speedly

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